Sabrina Percario is a multi-award winning actress and producer known for Julia (2016), Tell (2017), and Breaking (2017). Sabrina received an award for Best Leading Actress at UIFF (United International Film Festival), Jury Mention at LAIFFA (L.A Independent Film Festival Awards) and Best Drama Short Film at S.P. Times Film Festival. She is now the producer and lead actress in the upcoming feature film In Search of (2018) and producer for the upcoming feature film FriendZone (2018).

Born in São Paulo, Brazil with an Italian citizenship, she fell in love with acting because she could express her feelings through her characters. With time, she realized that being an actress and producer has a big impact in people's lives.

Her purpose is to touch people's hearts, inspire them, and spread a good positive message through her characters and films she produces.

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  • Percario Productions